Finese provides installation and maintenance solutions to various Residential and commercial customers.

Finese provides installation and maintenance solutions to various Residential and commercial customers.


F A family-owned business for over 15 years, so every job we do is significant to us.

Finese is a well-established Electrical, Air Conditioning Company branching out into Solar Energy. We can help with your requirements, whether residential or commercial, including servicing and maintenance.

We look forward to the opportunity of providing our service to yourself or your company shortly.

I Integrity, Truth, and honesty. If you’re looking for upfront and sound advice, look no further.

If something slips through the tight processes and doesn’t plan, we will be upfront and give honest communications. 

We understand that many companies out there may not uphold these values, and for this reason, we offer something well above industry standards.

N Nature-first approach.We believe as a responsible organization; it is our duty to offer sustainable products, keeping Australia clean & green. 

We are committed to helping nature heal by adopting cutting-edge technology & the Nature-First Approach.

E Educating clients, even if the client doesn’t choose to go forward in the immediate future. 

We are happy to give clients advice and help them decide what suits their needs best. Every install is completed to levels well above the industry’s standards to make sure that the system will be fully functional for many years to come. 

We use quality products that are tested with Australian standards.

S Service is most important to Finese. Our client will see the benefits of our work for years to come with minimal warranty issues and a company that’s willing to follow up and assist with any question and problems that arise in the future.

E Evolving and Educating ourselves as licensed technicians it is crucial in an ever-changing, fast-paced industry to keep up with all the advancements in technology and products – from high-efficiency solar panels to battery storage options (both DC and AC options) and a multitude of other products like home automation and security systems.

 The industry standard for perfectional development points is 100 points. We go well above this and will always strive to be at the cutting edge to offer the best solution for every client in every circumstance.

Finese has worked on projects such as

Meriton Roseberry Project

SNP Security West Ryde

Meriton Kent / Liverpool St Sydney

KDV trading (NSW) Pty Ltd

Why choose us?
We do it all

Why choose us?

Experienced and Efficient

We deploy our years of experience and expertise in the field to craft efficient solutions.

Fully Licensed

All our products and solutions are CEC-approved, ensuring maximum efficiency & minimal down-time.

Competitive Pricing

Our highly competitive and affordable solutions are designed as per the Customer's need.


Everything ELECTRICAL/ Air Con / SOLAR / HOME SECURITY we have it all

Emergency Services

Our experts are available round the clock for any emergency for better Service.

Quality Materials

Everything we use at Finese is quality-tested for better performance & longevity.

At Finese we believe that this is essential.
We will spend more time with you determining what you need so you are satisfied.

At Finese we believe that this is essential.

We will provide you with practical and easy to understand advice based on your own personal requirements with your budget in mind. Once the appropriate system has been decided upon, your installation will be completed in a professional and courteous manner. Our trained staff will then demonstrate the use of your system and answer any queries you may have and also clean your home just like it was before they arrived.


With better communication & transparency, 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Clean Energy Council Approved Installers

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