We look forward to the opportunity of providing our service to you or your company in the near future.
Finese is a family owned business so every job we do, we take it very seriously and carefully.

We look forward to the opportunity of providing our service to you or your company in the near future.

Finese Air Conditioning Installation Sydney is well established to meet your air conditioning installation requirements whether it is residential, or commercial including servicing, maintenance, and commissioning across Sydney and it surrounding suburbs Liverpool and Campbelltown.

We will spend more time with you determining what you need so you are satisfied.

At Finese Air Conditioning, we believe that this is essential. We will provide you with practical and easy to understand advice based on your own personal requirements with your budget in mind. Once the appropriate system has been decided upon, your installation will be completed professionally and courteously.

Air Conditioning Installation Sydney team & trained staff will then demonstrate the use of your system and answer any queries you may have and also clean your home just like it was before they arrive.

Air Conditioning Unit Supply & Installation in Sydney
Looking for a new Air conditioner installation & maintenance for your home or office? No worries,

Air Conditioning Unit Supply & Installation in Sydney

If you're located in Sydney and its suburbs like Campbelltown, Liverpool, etc.

We have got you covered.

We offer excellent Air Conditioning services for homes, offices & industries, irrespective of size. We have more than 12 years of experience in the field.

Our focus is to help customers reduce their electricity bills through our premium quality product. We guide our customers during the whole process. This helps them find a perfectly suited air conditioning system.

Finese has worked on projects such as

Meriton Roseberry Project

SNP Security West Ryde

Meriton Kent / Liverpool St Sydney

KDV trading (NSW) Pty Ltd

Our fully qualified Air conditioning installation Sydney teams and service technicians, backed by our experienced sales and design

Our Air conditioning installation Sydney teams will provide you with many years of trouble-free, comfortable living. Whether your requirements are for one room with a wall-mounted room air conditioner, wall or floor mounted split system; we can design and install the perfect system for you in Sydney, Liverpool, and Campbelltown.

For those whose requirements extend to multiple rooms, then a fully ducted, or multi-split system can be designed and installed to provide the year-round comfort conditions you desire.

We specialise in installation of all types of air conditioning systems. With more than 12 years of experience, Finese Air has continued to develop and maintain an excellent reputation throughout Sydney and surrounding areas such as Liverpool and Campbelltown with its reliable, high-quality, and cost-effective services.

100% satisfaction guarantee


Cooling Mode

Air conditioning is the precise control of temperature, humidity, air flow and air cleanliness. Air conditioners regulate these elements to provide you with the environment that can meet all your lifestyle requirements.

The refrigerant is the special liquid which flows through the indoor unit to absorb the excess heat indoors. It thens evaporates and is carried through narrow copper tubes to the outdoor unit as a gas, where the heat is released into the atmosphere. Thus , the gas becomes a liquid again and flows back to the indoor unit, where air is fanned over it and out into the room. This cycle is repeated until the preset temperature is reached.

Heating Mode

Heat pump air conditioning units additionally allow the cycle described above to be reversed. A heat pump extracts “free” heat from the outdoor air and transfers the heat indoors. This principle even continues to function on very cold days with temperatures down to -5°c, -10°c or -15°c, depending on the type of air conditioning system used.

Therefore, heat pump units eliminate the need for a heating system and allow you to cool the heat with the same unit, with savings in costs and energy throughout the year.

This applies to the installation of a split system. If the installation is back to back the indoor unit is placed on the same wall as the outdoor unit reducing the amount of pipe run required to connect the two units.
There are a lot of factors taken into account when calculating the size of unit Eg. area size, glass etc. Finese recommends that you have a site visit by one of our sales experts to determine the correct size unit and type for your home or office. If site inspections are not possible then floor plans will aid in the preperation of your recommendation. Our sales representative will do a heat load calculation and also take into account the number of people occupying the area this is very important so you can save on cost and have an efficient running unit all year round.
The most energy efficient method of heating/cooling your home or office is reverse cycle air conditioning. Operating costs are determined by how long the air conditioning system runs.
It is important the correct size unit is installed . An undersized unit will be significantly more expensive to run taking longer to reach the temperature desired to heat/cool effectively. Eg. The average 5hp ducted unit with a 5.7kw input would approximately cost 75cents per hour to operate.
A ducted system is designed to air condition more than one room within your home. The indoor fan coil unit is situated manually in the ceiling space and is connected to the outdoor condensing unit.
Individual outlets are situated in each room with ceiling, wall or floor grilles so conditioned air can flow throughout which is controlled by a central controller. Unlike ducted the split system, is primarily designed to air condition only one room at a time. If you are looking to condition the whole house then you should consider a ducted system.
Zoning allows you to turn on or off the air conditioning in certain areas of the house. This is done through the use of zone controls in the ductwork in the ceiling space.
eg. Two storey home may have 2 zones zone one for upstairs rooms and zone two for living areas downstairs. Other homes may have 3 to 5 homes depending on how they use there home.

ARC authorised professional air conditioning services & Installation across Sydney

ARC authorised professional Air Conditioning installation services across all suburbs in Sydney, the suburbs are as following:

  • Campbelltown
  • Liverpool
  • Penrith
  • Blacktown
  • Air conditioning Western Suburbs
  • Air conditioning Eastern Suburb

Professional Air Conditioning Installation across Sydney

Professional Air Conditioning Installation across Sydney and nearby areas like Liverpool & Campbelltown.

ActronAir, Samsung, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu & more.

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